The Oracle Newsletter – July 2016

July 2016

NEWS: Broadcast Australia to Update Multiple Sites With Nautel High-Efficiency Transmitters


We are delighted to announce that the first Nautel NX50 – 50 kW  AM transmitters will soon be shipped to Oz! The initial order for 4 x NX50’s is the first in a master purchase agreement between Broadcast Australia, Nautel and Sonifex to upgrade legacy 50 kW transmitters throughout Australia and follows the recent deployment of a number of NX10 – 10 kW MW-AM models and NV20lt – 20 kW FM transmitters.

Offering 90% efficiency at 50 kW operation, the NX50 dramatically reduces the amount of input power needed for transmission and facility cooling. NX Series transmitters, as with other Nautel models, are also designed for extreme reliability, engineered to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that exist at many broadcast sites throughout countries such as Australia.

The first shipment of NX50’s will be deployed to metropolitan and regional sites in New South Wales and Victoria replacing aging Nautel Ampfet series from the late 1980’s.

“Broadcast Australia has long used Nautel transmitters beginning in the 1980s and is a valued partner”, said John Abdnour; Regional Sales Manager for Nautel.  “Upgrading to the highly efficient, feature rich NX series will serve Broadcast Australia stations for decades.  We’re proud to continue our work together.”


Inovonics Product Demos

If you’re keen to see some of the Inovonics products in action, why not tap straight in to the factory? Inovonics now have an expansive line up of equipment available for demo through on-line web links so you can immediately see just how many features and monitoring tools are packed in to these products. For quick and easy access, here are the links:

Great news for the bandwidth conscious broadcaster too with the recent addition of a 32 bit streaming option for the INOmini 635 FM SiteStreamer!

Sonifex currently has a number of Inovonics products available for station demos including the AARON 650, 531N FM monitor and the INOmini 635 FM SiteStreamer.

To arrange a demo please call (02) 99870499 or email [email protected]

NOVA Entertainment Upgrades with Orban and Tieline

There’s been a lot happening at NOVA lately and especially in WA! After several months of researching FM audio processors, we are delighted that NOVA purchased 13 Orban Optimod-8600FM Digital MPX processors for all capital city markets across the network. Technology Manager at Nova 93.7, Malcolm Sully commented “We have been running the 8600 for a few years now in Perth with fantastic results, so we are very happy to now share that experience with the rest of the network.”

Following hot on the heels of the Orban deployment, leading codec manufacturer Tieline has now won the tender to supply NOVA with 33 Merlin audio codecs to be used for interstate studio-to-studio links, as well as primary outside broadcast codecs. “NOVA Entertainment had some very specific technical requirements outlined in the project tender, not the least of which was the requirement to embrace both legacy and emerging technologies,” said Malcolm Sully “The ability of the Merlins to meet these requirements made it a very easy choice. Local representation was also a key factor for us making this decision, as well as Tieline’s IP technologies like SmartStream PLUS. As the availability of ISDN is decreasing, SmartStream PLUS will now become a part of our regular outside broadcast setup. SmartStream PLUS delivers a stable link using a combination of available LAN and 4G connections”

NOVA Technology Manager Malcolm Sully with Tieline’s Charlie Gawley

Internet Stream Logging – Be Aware!

If you’ve ever set up internet stream logging on a Flashlog 8, you’ll have seen the warning message about how much data is gobbled up with 24/7 logging of even low bit rate streams. This point was brought home recently when we were trying to figure out why we were suddenly blowing our monthly download limit. Conspiracy theories of Wi-Fi bootlegging abounded until the real culprit was found – our test logger! Remember, 64kbps is 22GB per month, per stream!

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