Discontinued Nautel XR12 – 12kW AM Transmitter

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Small, simple, field proven

RF output power: 12 kW rated, 15 kW capable
145% positive peak modulation at 12 kW
1.5:1 VSWR at 12 kW, 100% modulation
Dual hot-pluggable power modules and redundant standby module
Broadband, plug-in RF amplifiers
Dual RF exciters and modulation encoders with automatic changeover
Synthesized exciter uses advanced DDS technology to produce RF drive at the desired operating frequency. For synchronous operation an external input is provided for a 10 MHz precision GPS reference clock.
Built-in power preset scheduler allows for six preset power levels
Fully compatible with HD Radio and DRM digital radio broadcasting
High overall efficiency (84% typical) results in low power consumption (21 kW maximum at 12 kW, 100% modulation) and reduced operating costs
Dimensions: 184 cm H x 72 cm W x 104 cm D (72.5 H x 28.5 W x 41 D)
Weight: 329 kg (725 lbs)
25 kW and 50 kW XR family transmitters also available: XR25, XR50

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