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Davicom AM/FM Broadcast Monitor


Davicom’s AM/FM Broadcast Monitor offers a surprising number of advanced features in a compact, low-cost package. Remotely controllable through Davicom’s line of intelligent site monitoring systems, the FMBM can also be manually configured and operated.

Designed for full and easy integration into the powerful control and monitoring structure, the FMBM gives you the benefit of remotely monitoring the key RF parameters of your AM or FM transmitter to ensure regulatory compliance.


It offers the following features:

  • Synthesized tuning
  • Non-volatile configuration storage
  • On-site monitoring of transmitter power
  • Off-air monitoring of receive signal strength
  • FM deviation measurement and alarms
  • Carrier frequency measurement and alarms
  • RDS/RBDS decoding
  • Balanced audio output on back panel and headphone output on front
  • All alarms levels are settable by the user, locally or remotely
  • Full remote control and monitoring through any Davicom with USB interface
  • Alarm contacts for: stereo absence, high deviation, low deviation, low power, carrier frequency, drift.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

FMBM Specifications
AM band Tuning range 520-1710 kHz
Tuning Step 1 or 10 kHz selectable
FM band Tuning Range 88-108 MHz
Tuning Step 200, 100 or 50 kHz selectable
Program de-emphasis 50 or 75uS as set by internal jumper
Low-level input Connector F
Input range -70 to -33 dBm
High-level input Connector BNC
Input range -16 to +20 dBm
Carrier frequency drift measurement Accuracy ± 0.3ppm for a temperature range of 0 to 50°C
Resolution 100 Hz
RDS/RBDS decoder Type PS, PTY, RT
Audio outputs Type Balanced
Output impedance 600 ohms
Connector Pluggable screw terminal
Level Preset to +8dBm and adjustable from 0 to +10dBm
Headphone output Load impedance > 8 ohms
Connector 3.5mm
FM deviation monitor Connector Pluggable srew terminal
Output impedance 600 ohms
Level 0 to 5 Vdc for 150 kHz deviation
RF power monitor Connector Pluggable screw terminal
Output impedance 600 ohms
Level 0 to 7 Vdc
Alarm relaysNormally open isolated contacts that can be individually set to normally closed by internal jumpers Connector Pluggable screw terminal
Alarm functions Low-powerFrequency driftHigh deviationLow deviation

Stereo absence

USB interface Functions Allows remote control and continuous alarm monitoring through compatible Davicom unitsAlso used for firmware upgrades
Software remote control Through DV Units Audio level adjustment (rear connection)Frequency BandFM peak-deviation limitFM deviation peaks-per-minute count

FM low-deviation limit

FM low-deviation timeout

FM frequency-drift limit

FM RF alignment

Low-power limit

AM low-modulation limit

AM low-modulation timeout

Manual control Via front panel pushbuttons Same functions as via software remote control above plus:RF input selectionHeadphone volume adjustmentPower reference level
Dimensions 1 RU, half width
Weight 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)


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