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Austin Oil Filled Safety Core Guy Line insulators incorporate the basic Austin Safety core concept which consists of an endless wound fiberglass loop retained by internal pins within the external end fittings.

The safety core insulators shown in this brochure are suitable for use at RF voltages as specified, provided there are no unusual environmental conditions or stringent corona/noise requirements. Applications involving RF voltages above 100kV RMS can be accomodated for by the Austin Insulators – high voltage range, which are suitable for use with voltages up to 120kV RMS. Special high voltage assemblies are also available for use with voltages in excess of 120kV RMS.

Use electrical grade porcelain for VLF, LF and MF insulation.

Standard units are supplied with aluminum corona rings, however, stainless steel corona rings are available upon request.

Recommended for primary insulation in mast/tower guy lines.

Insulators are available in three sizes S (small), M (medium), and L (large) having one, two, and three porcelains respectively.


  1. Ulitmate tensiles strength is a minimum of 3 times the safe working load.
  2. Bell housing is cast aluminum.
  3. End fittings are cast steel, hot dipped galvanized. ‘C’ represents the gap between ears. Minimum gap is 9/16″ (14.3 mm).
  4. Corona rings are aluminum. Stainless steel corona rings are available upon request. All ring dimensions are detailed on a separate page.
  5. Voltage ratings were determined in a special test room at 100kHz. Performance in the field can be severely degraded by local environmental conditions. Please consult with us prior to selection.


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