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For over thirty years Sonifex Pty Ltd traded as Innes Corporation before being acquired by Sonifex on 1 July 2014. Innes Corporation was a leader in delivering a diverse range of quality radio and TV broadcast equipment solutions for both the Australian and global market.

Founded in 1977 by John Innes, Innes Corporation became a Proprietary Limited company in 1987. Its business operations originated from John’s expertise in the field of HF and VHF transmitters and his wealth of experience in the Australian television broadcast industry. In 1956 John joined RCA, first as a field engineer installing antennas and broadcast transmitters and ultimately as Chief Engineer for the company’s Australian operation. He was involved in many and varied projects during this period including building the Radio Australia transmitting station near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. In later times John worked for RCA on a consulting basis, including development work on AM transmitters in the US and radio and TV transmitter installations in the Pacific and Asian regions.

By 1995 Innes Corporation had expanded its core business to include distribution of internationally manufactured broadcast equipment as well as in-house engineering.

In the same year a highly qualified R&D Engineer, Dr Jeffrey Pages, joined the company and brought with him a new level of expertise to Innes product development. Over almost 2 decades Jeff has engineered a range of award winning professional analogue and AES sound cards, AM, FM and DAB+ tuner cards and audio related software used by broadcasters around the world. This development is continuing with Jeff now working with the R&D team of Sonifex Ltd in the UK.

Today, Sonifex Pty Ltd is a major force in the radio services industry and, along with its home grown product range manufactured by Sonifex Ltd in the UK, is the authorised dealer for some of the best names in radio broadcasting: Nautel, Orban, Tieline, Altronic Research, Austin Insulators, Belar Electronics Laboratory, Davicom, Delta Electronics, Inovonics Broadcast, Kintronic Laboratories, Moseley Associates, Potomac Instruments and StreamS HiFi Radio.

Sonifex Pty Ltd continues to operate with the original focus to provide the best possible engineering and product solutions for the broadcast industry. Sonifex offers expert Broadcast Equipment Solutions – please contact us if we can assist with anything at all.


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