DISCONTINUED Nautel ND5 – 5kW AM Transmitter

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Nautel ND5

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

An All Encompassing AM Transmitter

Quick Specs:

  • RF output power: 5 kW rated, 5.6 kW capable
  • 140% positive peak modulation at 5 kW
  • 1.5:1 VSWR at 5 kW
  • Broadband RF amplifiers
  • Dual RF exciters and modulation encoders with automatic changeover
  • Synthesized exciter uses advanced DDS technology to produce RF drive at the desired operating frequency. For synchronous operation an external input is provided for a 10 MHz precision GPS reference clock.
  • Up to seven user-defined power levels accommodate daytime/nighttime power level requirements
  • Fully compatible with HD Radio and DRM digital radio broadcasting
  • High overall efficiency (75% typical) results in low power consumption
    (10 kW maximum at 5 kW, 100% modulation) and reduced operating costs
  • Dimensions:186 cm H x 61 cm x 80 cm D (73.5 H x 24 W x 31.5 D)

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