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Kintronic Labs offers a complete line of transmitter combiner/ paralleling units to permit the synchronous operation of two transmitters of a similar or equivalent design ranging in power level from the Model CB-5X(2.5kW + 2.5kW) to the CB-1200X(600kW + 600Kw).

Features common to each Kintronic Labs combiner include:

Main and auxiliary crystal oscillators with local, remote or automatic switching

Total Output and Reject Current Meters with Remote Output

Local or remote selection of either Transmitter to Antenna, Combiner or Dummy Load

Presents 50 + j0 impedance at each transmitter input port independent of the output condition of the other transmitter

Adjustable Transmitter Input Power Sensors with automatic switching of failed Transmitter to Dummy Load

High Performance Audio Splitter to Yield 600 Ohm Balanced Output with 10 dbm Level to Each Transmitter

Power Imbalance/Reject Load capable of dissipating the RMS Power Output of one transmitter for a limited time

High RF throughput efficiency

Low Noise and Inter-modulation Distribution Characteristics

Rigid Transmission Line U-Links for Combiner to Transmitter Interconnects are Included


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