DISCONTINUED Innes FM Crusher Compressor/Limiter


FM Crusher



Dual band gated input AGC with long term gain rider and short term compression
Optional input low frequency cutoff at 25 Hz, 50 Hz, 100 Hz or 200 Hz
Pre-emphasis 50/75us
Tight triband limiting with minimal overshoot
Adjustable limiting from 0dB to 6dB
Two independently-adjustable outputs
The Innes Corporation Mono FM Digital Limiter uses the latest in digital signal processing technology to provide a high level of performance at a lower cost than comparable analog limiters.

Linear phase audio filtering and a novel approach to limiting that prevents output overshoot and avoids the production of digital aliasing artifacts results in a cleaner, louder signal. Features include remote setup via a serial port, selectable low frequency cut, full dual band gated AGC, adjustable limiting from 0 to 6dB.

Input can be balanced mono or stereo analog or AES/EBU digital, while two balanced mono analog outputs are provided with independent level adjustments.

The audio response rolls off rapidly above 15kHz to ensure compatibility with stereo receivers.


Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Analog input:
Stereo or Mono, balanced, 12dBm to +10dBm nominal level

Input impedance:
40k (bridging) or 600ohms (terminating)

Input clipping level:

Analog input:
Mono balanced

Analog output:
Mono, balanced

Output impedance:
40 ohms

Audio Bandwidth:
5Hz to 15kHz

50us or 75us required

Unit height:
1 rack unit

Unit depth:
300mm (plus connectors)

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