DISCONTINUED Innes Econolog 2 Software Audio Logger




Please note that you can dowload this software directly from this page. Should you wish to purchase it please contact sales and we will arrange your code to unlock the demo version.


  • Low cost software logger
  • Record 42 days of quality audio on hard disk
  • Continuous recording even when playing back
  • Easy to use random access playback
  • Save log extracts as standard wave files
  • Software can be used on your own PC
  • Uses any standard sound card or motherboard soundport for playback and recording
  • Runs in Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8


Econolog 2 is a low-cost single channel audio logger, offering 42 days of high quality mono recording using Windows Media 9 encoding. A graphical playback screen allows easy access to any part of the log, and the user can copy a portion of the log to the Windows clipboard or to a wave (.wav) or Windows Media (.wma) file.

The recorder component of Econolog 2 operates as a Windows service and thus runs whether a user is logged in or not. As well as providing automatic restart of the recorder following a power interruption or reboot, this also offers enhanced security by allowing the logger to run unattended with no user logged in.

Econolog 2 can be trialed for up to fourteen days, after which an activation code must be obtained to allow the recording to continue. To optain this code please contact our technical support department or call (02) 99870499 (Australia) or +61-2-9987 0499 (international) during office hours. Please download your free 14 day trial version at the bottom of this page.

Terms and conditions:

Once a copy of Econolog has been installed on a PC and the activation code has been entered, the copy of Econolog is tied to that specific PC. You will not be able to move the copy from one machine to another. Each purchase of Econolog will only provide you with one activation code. Innes Corporation reserves the right to only give one activation code for each Econolog purchased. For further assistance contact [email protected]


Technical Specification

Technical Specification

System Requirements

The workstation that is to be used for running Econolog 2 must meet or exceed the following requirements.

Processor: Pentium 500MHz or faster
Memory: 128MB minimum
Hard Disk: minimum 16GB of free space.
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP or later
Multimedia audio card: supporting 16 bit 44.1kHz stereo record and replay and compliant with Microsoft’s PC99 audio specifications.

Product Resources

Product Resources

Software version 2.03

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