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Ultra-Compact Power Modules

In order to take solid state transmitter design to a new level of performance,Nautel engineers developed a building block that integrates the cooling systems and combining amplifiers into a compact, easyto-handle, vertically oriented module. The NV Series power module has an integrated IPA stage and 8 amplifiers, each providing 375 Watts, for 2500 Watts nominal power and 3000 Watts maximum power per module. The module is slim, providing a single RF input, a single RF output, and allows for optimal cooling and air flow with 6 cooling fans and a heatsink all mounted in the same module.

Common Components

All NV Series transmitters are manufactured using a common powermodule. Having one common building block across a broad range of transmitters simplifies spares planning. Modules can be swappedfrom one transmitter to another and engineers and technicians can leverage their NV Series training across the broad family of NV Series transmitters.


Integral Exciter for Outstanding FM Performance

Audio in and RF out. The NV Series makes it that simple by incorporating the most advanced FM exciter available today. Direct to-channel digital modulation at more than 600 MSPS eliminates microphonics and spurious outputs. Consider these additional class
leading capabilities:

  • Next-generation adaptive pre-correction
  • Combiner equalization
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Redundant digital and analog audio inputs
  • 100% digital setup: no potentiometers
  • Flexible RDS/RBDS encoder and SCA encoders

The NV Series even has the ability to correct for group delay in a multi-station combiner system.

Simple Integrated Design

With its exciter integrated fully within the NV Series design there are no pots or switches to worry about and all exciter adjustments are done easily using the Advanced User Interface. The RF output of the NV Series exciter is fed directly to the power modules by way of a 2, 4, 8 or 16 way splitter. Each power module incorporates its own IPA thus eliminating the single
point of failure associated with separate-stage single IPA designs or with the switchover circuitry in redundant IPA designs.

Frequency Agile

The units broadband design allows the exciter to select the required presets for operating frequency and output power level, enabling the transmitters use anywhere in the FM band. Thanks to the remote capability of the AUI, all settings including frequency presets can be managed anywhere there is internet access.

Class Leading Space Efficiency

Compact NV power modules allow Nautel to design transmitters with dramatically smaller footprints at all power levels.

In fact the NV Series transmitters are typically one third to one half smaller than traditional solid state designs and even smaller than most tube systems. That makes for simpler installation logistics and frees up precious floor space for other purposes such as HD Radio system components.

Rugged and Robust with ON-AIR Serviceability

NV Series transmitters are ruggedly engineered to provide easy on-air service and maintenance. The NV Series power modules and switching power supplies are all hot-pluggable and form the basis of the NVs extremely redundant architecture. Two redundant switching power supplies are associated with each module. The power modules plug into the front of the transmitter,
making service easy. Even the fan power supplies, 12 Volt supplies, low voltage supplies and IPA supplies all come standard as redundant and can be quickly swapped while on-air.

Ease of Installation

Every Nautel NV transmitter is shipped as a complete unit with all modules installed ready for plug and play installation.

The compact lightweight designs make deployment even easier. Select three phase AC inputs from 180 – 264 Vac or 312 – 457 Vac. Alternatively all NV Series transmitters can support single phase AC from 180 264 Vac.

Nautel Reliability

With forty years of worldwide transmitter experience and one of the industry’s most recognized reliability track records, your Nautel NV Series transmitter can be counted on for years to come.


Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Transmitter Type

FM Broadcast, 100% solid state


4 RF power modules with integrated IPA PA’s
8 switching power supplies (2 per RF powermodule)
1 IPA power supply
Integrated exciter

Standard Features

Redundant IPA power supply
Redundant low voltage power supplies
Redundant fan power supply
Optional standby exciter

RF Output Power

Analog mode:
300 W to 8250 W into a 1.2 VSWR
300 W to 7500 W into a 1.5 VSWR
HD RadioTM Hybrid Mode (-20 dB):
6000 W into a 1.2 VSWR
5480 W into a 1.5 VSWR
HD RadioTM Hybrid Mode (-10 dB):
3280 W into a 1.2 VSWR
3000 W into a 1.5 VSWR
HD RadioTM Digital mode:
2250 W into a 1.2 VSWR
2100 W into a 1.5 VSWR

RF Output Connection

1-5/8 inch EIA , female (standard)
3-1/8 inch EIA , female (optional)
7/8 inch EIA , female (optional)
RF Output Impedance
50 ohms unbalanced


Analog Mode:
61% typical at 7500 W
HD RadioTM Hybrid Mode (-20dB):
55% typical at 5480 W
HD RadioTM Hybrid Mode (-10dB):
40% typical at 3000 W
HD RadioTM Digital Mode:
33% typical at 2100 W


1.5:1 with automatic power reduction into higher VSWR
Protected from open and short circuits at all phase angles

RF Frequency Range

87.5 MH z to 108 MH z
No tuning required
Turn Around Loss
Better than 20 dB

Spurious and Harmonic

Meets or exceeds all FCC /IC /CE requirements

Product Resources

Product Resources

Nautel NV Series Brochure

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