Davicom MEXM-2 Expansion Unit

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Multiply your Davicom’s Status Inputs!*

Add 64 extra Status inputs to any one of your Davicom units.

A maximum of 256 extra Status inputs can be added when using 4 MEXM-2 modules.

For example, adding a single MEXM-2 with its 64 inputs to a DV-Micro yields a total of 72 Status inputs in a cost-effective package. These extra inputs are directly integrated into the DV-Micro’s control structure, therefore taking full advantage of the unit’s powerful control, monitoring and automation functions.

You may mix MEXM-2 units with other members of the Davicom MEXM family in order to add more Status inputs, Metering inputs and Relay outputs.

Note: The maximum number of usable I/O’s from any MEXM combination is determined by the Davicom unit firmware, not by the number of MEXM units used. Contact us for more details.

For better control and faster response time, all the inputs of the MEXM-2 are scanned 10 times per second (10 Hz).

* Firmware version 5.52 or higher is required in the Davicom unit. Get the lastest version at  www.davicom.com. Registration is required.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

MEXM-2 Specifications

Number 64

Logic levels High=+2.4 to +12VDC, Low=-12 to +0.8VDC. EIA compatible

Impedance >22kΩ

Protection Optoisolated

Ground Internal or External, individually selectable

Dry/wet contact Individually selectable with pull-up resistor

Status inputs

Connector type Weidmuller pluggable screw terminal

+12VDC 250 mA


+5VDC 250 mA

Interface protocol Modbus RTU or TCP modes

RTU Mode Connector USB, RJ-9 for a daisy chain of up to 7 units

TCP Mode Connector RJ-45

Power supply 12VDC

Idle 150mA Typical current requirements (mA) at


Startup 150mA


48.3 cm x 8.7 cm x 3.6 cm

19″ x 3.44″ x 1.42″

(including Weidmuller terminals)

Weight (unit only) 1.3 kg

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