DISCONTINUED Orban Optimod-FM 222A Stereo Spatial Enhancer

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Stereo Spatial Enhancer

The Orban Stereo Spatial Enhancer 222A augments your station’s spatial image to present a more dramatic, more attractive sound. The stereo image is magnified and brightness is intensified, so listeners perceive an expanded stereo “soundstage” with increased depth and sparkling clarity. Unlike other units, the 222A does not add harmonic distortion, unnatural coloration or exaggeration of the reverb on recordings. The effect of the 222A is particularly striking in automotive listening.



  • Exclusive, patented technique detects and enhances psychoacoustic directional cues, which are present in all stereo program material.
  • Increases brightness, impact, and definition of music.
  • Front-panel ENHANCEMENT control allows tailoring of processing to user requirements.
  • WIDTH LIMIT control protects against excessive enhancement.
  • No increase in FM multipath distortion, no unnatural exaggeration of reverberation, and no increase in sensitivity to vertical tracing distortion during disc playback.
  • Fully compatible when received in mono.
  • Complements any broadcast audio processor without changing the station’s “sound.”
  • Easy-to-read LED bargraph display indicates status and degree of enhancement.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Frequency Response:
0.25dB, 20-20,000Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion & Noise:
<0.02%, 20-20,000Hz, at an output level of +18dBu into 600 ohms.

IM Distortion:
<0.05% at an output level of +18dBu into 600 ohms (60/7000,4.1).

Noise at Output:

0dB, 0.5dB.



Load Impedance:
>20k ohms in parallel with 500pF, electronically balanced.

Driving Impedance:
Ideally 600 ohms or less, balanced or unbalanced.

Nominal Input Level:
+4dBu (for inputs between -10dBu and +8dBu). Can be changed with a simple modification to -10dBu (for inputs between -24 and -6dBu).

Absolute Overload Point:

Common Mode Rejection:

Barrier strip (#5 screws), XL-type connectors.


Load Impedance:
greater than or equal to 600 ohms.

Source Impedance:
30 ohms, 5%, balanced, floating.

Maximum Output Level:
>20dBu into 600ohms.

Barrier strip (#5 screws), XL-type connectors.


19″(48.3cm) wide, 1.75″(4.4cm) high, 10.5″(26.7cm) deep.

6.75lb (3kg) net; 10lb (4.5kg), shipping.

Power Requirements:
115/230VAC 10%, 50-60Hz, 9VA. 115V version supplied with three-wire “U-ground” power cord to USA standards attached; 230V version supplied with CEE-7/7-plug.

1/8 amp 3AG 250V Slow-Blow or 125mA “T”-type, as appropriate.

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