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The traditional Austin air-spaced ring transformer is designed for both exterior and interior usage. The purpose of this product is to provide a means of coupling the 50/60 Hz supply voltage for tower lighting to the tower while maintaining RF isolation between supply and load.
Austin’s Ring Type Isolation Transformers are developed for use on AM radio towers, where the incoming AC power line must be isolated from the tower lighting system. These transformers utilize a high quality, low loss steel
toroid core. This unique design allow the necessary 50/60 Hz AC power to be magnetically coupled through to the tower lights, while at the same time blocking the flow of RF energy from the tower to the AC power line by virtue of the extremely low primary to secondary capacitance (10-15 pF).
For sites which experience rain, fog, salt spray or sand/dust storms, a housing enclosure can be supplied to protect the transformer from the atmospheric elements.
Oil-filled tower lighting transformers with RF isolation values up to 250 kV rms. and beyond are also available. This type of transformer has its windings immersed in oil contained within a porcelain cylinder placed between steel end plates, thereby forming a transformer “module”. These modules can be stacked on top of one another, in series, for very high RF voltage requirements.

Custom transformers are also available upon request.


Air Insulation: Minimum R.F loss
Low Capacitance: Minimum and stable effect on tuning
Regulation: Better than 10% under normal conditions
Efficiency: Better than 90% under normal conditions
Mounting: Standard pipe unions supplied
Lightning gap: Supplied


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