Moseley Event 5800 High Capacity Bidirectional Studio Transmitter Link




The Moseley Event 5800 is a carrier class T1/E1/IP Ethernet radio link.

The Starlink SL9003T1 combined with the Event 5800 creates a high capacity bidirectional STL/TSL.

Take Advantage Of High Payload Capacity

Moseley Event 5800 provides up to nine bidirectional T1 or eight E1 circuits. Multi-station clusters can transport linear uncompressed 20 kHz digital audio for a truly cost effective multi-station Studio Transmitter Link.

Event 5800 is fully bidirectional. This means audio from remote pickup equipment, and satellite delivered programming can be transported inbound from the transmitter site over the same link.

Hd Radio ™ Ready Today

Event 5800 meets all the requirements for IBOC digital radio. Event 5800 transports AES/EBU digital uncompressed audio at 44.1 or 32 kHz sample rates along with Ethernet data to provide all the signals necessary for the HD1, HD2, HD3 multicasting, and datacasting services. With Event, stations get the most out of HD Radio™ conversion now and in the future.


Leverage Latest Advances In Ip Technology

New and innovative IP based applications and appliances can promote station efficiency. The Event 5800 provides an Ethernet channel to extend the station IP LAN/WAN network the transmitter site.

Surveillance and security cameras, IP transmitter site monitoring and remote control reduce down-time and protect valuable station assets.

Sites can be accessed remotely and over the Internet saving personnel travel time to the site.

Mirrored servers located at transmitter sites can back up business records and programming content off-site. In the case of an evacuation or disaster at the studio building, stations get back on the air quickly from temporary facilities. Email and Internet connections at transmitter sites save engineers time accessing manuals or help from manufacturers during a maintenance session.

Intelligent System Design

Event 5800 consists of a Software Defined Indoor Unit and an Outdoor Unit. The Event 5800 radios are spectrum and data rate scalable, which enables broadcasters to have greater flexibility in STL planning and future growth. The integrated T1/E1 and Ethernet interfaces allow for a combination of T1/E1 and IP packet data.

Quick Deployment

Event 5800 operates in the ISM 5.8 GHz and U-NII 5.3 GHz unlicensed bands. The overcrowded 950 MHz licensed STL band can be avoided. Time consuming frequency coordination and licensing costs and delays are not required. A new STL system can be up and running quickly and cost effectively.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Rf Specifications

Frequency Range Ism: 5.725 – 5.850 Mhz

U-Nii: 5.250 – 5.350 Mhz

Capacity Options T1: Up To 9

E1: Up To 8

Ethernet: 27 Mbps

Capacity Also Includes Additional

1 Mbps Full Duplex Ethernet Capacity For Nms Traffic

Average Output Power Ism +5 To +23 Dbm

U-Nii -18 To +5 Dbm

Receive Sensitivity -84 Dbm To -80 Dbm (E1/T1)

-84 Dbm To -70 Dbm (Ethernet)

Receiver Sensitivity Varies Per Selected Frequency And Modulation

Antenna Uses External Antenna For Higher Gain

Antenna Connector N-Type Female

Regulatory Fcc Part 15 Ic: Rss210

Power -48 Volts ±10%, <70 Watts; Optional 100-240 Volts Ac, 47-63 Hz Power Supply Optional Features Integrated Cross Connect For E1/T1; Add / Drop Mux For Sdh; Single Chassis 1+1, 2+0 Option.

Network Management

• Supports Snmp

• Built-In Web Server

• Connector Rj-45

• 10/100Basetx

Data Interface

Physical Ethernet – 100Basetx

N X E1/T1 – Full Duplex E1/T1

Connector Ethernet Rj-45

N X E1/T1 2 X Rj-48C, Hd60

Operating Features

Wayside Channels T1/E1

Interface Dsx-1Connector Rj-48C

Alarm Port Two Form C Relay Alarm Outputs, 2 Ttl Outputs

Voice Service Channel 6-Wire, Ptt Handset

Data Service Channel 64 Kbps

Environmental Characteristics

Compliance Ethernet Ieee 802.3

Idu Odu

Temperature -5° To 55°C -30° To 55°C

Relative Humidity 0 To 95%, Non-Condensing

Up To 100% At 45°C

Altitude 4500 Meters 4500 Meters

Size 1Ru, Etsi Compliant, (445 X 238.5 X 44.5M) Rack Mount (19 Inches, 48.2 Cm)

39.5 X 36.5 X 5.5 Cm

Weight 7 Lbs. 15 Lbs.

Common Configurations

Build Your Station’s Perfect Mix Of T1/E1 And

Ethernet Payload, For Example:

• 9 T1 Circuits And 5 Mbps Ethernet Data

• 5 E1 Circuits And 10 Mbps Ethernet Data

• 3 E1 Circuits And 15 Mbps Ethernet Data

The Moseley Sales Team Can Custom Configure Your Event 5800.

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