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Live Broadcast Capture Now with DAB+ also offers Direct Input, AM & FM Channels!

Digital radio is here, and Flashlog 7 is ready to meet all your logging requirements. Using Innes Corporation’s own DAB+ radio capture cards, this latest hard disc logger records the entire contents of up to four ensembles. Decoding occurs during playback, showing DLS text, MOT slide shows, broadcast websites, electronic programme guides and traffic reports along with the audio.

But DAB+ isn’t all you get with Flashlog 7. Taking advantage of today’s powerful multi-core processors and growing hard disc capacities, Flashlog 7 pushes back the barriers on traditional line and radio capture logging with the ability to record up to twelve stereo line channels, thirty-two stereo FM stations, thirty-two AM stations and/or four DAB+ ensembles, limited only by the number of PCI slots on the motherboard.



Analog and AES-3 digital line inputs

  • Up to 12 stereo inputs, each reconfigurable as a pair of mono inputs
  • Selectable audio compression rates ranging from 80kbps to lossless compression
  • Balanced inputs and outputs with XLR breakout cables supplied
  • Optional skimming control inputs
  • Live input monitoring on logger unit
  • Optional audio failure alarms

AM and FM radio capture

  •  Up to thirty-two AM stations and thirty-two FM stations
  • All FM logging in stereo
  • Received signal strength and FM stereo pilot indicators
  • Live monitoring on logger unit
  • Optional carrier and audio failure alarms

DAB+ radio capture

  • Up to four ensembles
  • Entire MSC (main service channel) contents recorded
  • Receiver spectrum display, signal quality indicator and uncorrected error counter
  • Decodes legacy MP2 as well as HE-AAC v2 audio compression
  • Displays DLS text, MOT slides, electronic programme guide and TPEG traffic reports
  • Live monitoring of audio and data on logger unit
  • Selectable carrier and audio failure alarms


  • Industrial four-unit rack mount case
  • Optional inbuilt colour LCD screen with slide-out keyboard and mouse pad
  • Dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies
  • RAID-1 or RAID-5 swappable SATA hard discs
  • Inbuilt DVD R/W drive for easy archiving
  • 42 days standard recording time, extendible up to two years (subject to available disc
    space and dependent on the number of channels and audio compression rate used)
  • 64-bit multi-core processor
  • 64-bit Windows 7 Professional operating system
  • Network playback using free Flashback 7 application (also compatible with Flashlog 5 and 6


Technical Specification

 Technical Specification

Recording time: 42, 60, 90, 120, 180 days, 1 year or 2 years

Analog line inputs: Balanced (XLR breakout cable supplied)

+24dBu clipping level (+8 / +4 / 0dBu nominal level)

20k input impedance

48kHz sampling

24-bit converters

80kbps / 128kbps / 256kbps / lossless compression (selectable per

AES-3 line inputs: transformer-coupled (XLR breakout cable supplied)

32kHz – 96kHz 24-bit sampling

80kbps / 128kbps / 256kbps / lossless compression (selectable per

Analog line output: Balanced (XLR breakout cable supplied)

40 ohm output impedance (minimum load 600 ohms)

+24dBu peak level  (+8/+4/0dBu nominal level)

AES-3 line output: transformer-coupled (XLR breakout cable supplied)

48kHz 24-bit sampling

External AES-11 sync input

Skimming: 16 optically-isolated user-assignable inputs

Daily event list display linked to audio log

Sequential playing and archiving of multiple events

AM Capture: 500kHz – 1700kHz tuning range (1kHz steps)

BNC antenna connection (50 ohm input impedance)

22.05kHz sampling

32kbps compression

Maximum 32 stations

FM Capture: 87.5 – 108.5MHz tuning range (50kHz steps)

BNC antenna connection

48kHz sampling

64kbps compression

Maximum 32 stations

Optional RDS Program Information and RadioText logging

DAB+ Capture: Band III (174 – 240MHz) DAB Mode 1

BNC antenna connection

Maximum 32 services per ensemble

Maximum 12 subcomponents per service

Dynamic reconfiguration

Legacy DAB and DAB+ supported

Decoding for MP2 / HE-AAC v2 audio, DLS, JPEG / PNG images, HTML
pages, EPG, TPEG

Maximum 4 ensembles

Storage: Up to 3 x 2TB SATA hard discs

RAID-5 (striping) or RAID-1 (mirroring)

DVD R/W drive (+/- formats supported)

Processor: 64-bit Pentium dual-core or quad-core


Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit edition

*Maximum recording time depends on number of channels and available hard disk sizes

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