Belar DC-4 Frequency Agile Down Converter


Belar DC-4 Converter


The Belar DC-4 is a Frequency Agile FM Down Converter. It is designed to enable the precise measurement of FM transmitter performance at different carrier frequencies. It is of interest to consultants, group owners, transmitter manufacturers, and FM stations sharing a common site.


The DC-4 can be used with the FMMA-1 Wizard, the FMM-2, or the FMM-1. When equipped with The Wizard Interface Option and used with The Wizard, it will enable The Wizard to measure AM Noise, Synchronous AM Noise and RF level, and can be operated remotely through The Wizard.

The DC-4 is one rack-unit high. Operation is similar to the Belar RFA-4 Frequency Agile FM RF Amplifier. The DC-4 features 10 memory locations for one-button access to 10 frequencies. Direct dialing of any standard FM frequency is also possible, and UP/DOWN buttons are included. Station call letters can be programmed into the display along with the frequency for quick and easy reference.

The DC-4 tunes to carriers from 87.50 MHz to 108.00 MHz in 50 kHz steps (extended low frequency option is available). RF input is 1 to 10 volts rms, 50 ohms, BNC connector. Output is 650 kHz IF, BNC connector, for connection to the FMMA-1 demod, the FMM-2, or the FMM-1 (with modification). The Wizard Interface Option adds a 9-pin D connector and two 15-pin Wizard Interface connectors.

Signal/Noise is > 90 dB. AM Noise and Synchronous AM Noise measurements range from -17 to -80 dB.

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification

New in 2015 – 3 Year Factory Warrant to all Belar Products.

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