Flashback 8 User Interface

Flashback Screen

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This version can be used on Flashlog 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Flashback 8 offers the ability to replay audio at a remote workstation from one or more Flashlog 5, 6, 7, 8 or LT logging recorders. Connection to the Flashlog is via an Ethernet network, with the audio played through the workstation’s standard audio output.

Flashback 8 supports playback of DAB+/DAB recordings on Flashlog 7 and 8, including the display of broadcast text and images, as well as line, AM/FM radio capture and internet streams.

Flashback 8 also allows the user to copy a portion of the log to the Windows clipboard or to a wave (.wav), Windows Media (.wma) or MP3 file.

Playback from Flashback 8 is independent of the local playback function on the logger unit itself, and both may be used simultaneously without any disruption or interaction. Multiple workstations can also be used simultaneously subject to Windows file-sharing limitations and the available bandwidth on the network.

Technical Specification

System Requirements

The workstation that is to be used for running Flashback 8 must meet or exceed the following requirements.

  • Processor – Pentium 500MHz or faster
  • Memory – 128MB minimum
  • Operating System – Windows XP or later
  • Multimedia audio card supporting 16 bit 48kHz stereo replay
  • Network – Ethernet network adapter and drivers supporting TCP/IP protocol

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