DISCONTINUED Nautel FM8 – 8kW FM Transmitter

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Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Quick Specs:

  • RF output power: 8 kW rated, 8.8 kW capable.
  • Redundant modular design with on-air serviceability avoids costly, inconvenient emergencies.
  • Each power module has its own cooling fan and thermal protection for added reliability.
  • Patching facility allows the use of a power module to substitute for IPA during maintenance.
  • Single-stage patented combiner provides failure isolation without the use of imbalance loads.
  • High overall efficiency (65% typical) results in low power consumption (12.3 kW typical at 8 kW) and reduced operating costs.
  • Dimensions: 186 cm H x 74 cm W x 80 cm D (73.5″ H x 29″ W x 31.5″ D)
  • Weight: 435 kg (960 lbs)
  • High performance Digital Exciter: M50, 50 W Direct-to-Channel FM Exciter.
  • Economical Analog Exciter: NE30, 30 W FM Analog Exciter.


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