Altronic Research design and produce coaxial load resistors for the broadcast and communications industry.



Austin Insulators is a leading manufacturer of RF tower bases, guy insulators, isolation transformers and tower lighting systems with applications from commercial broadcast to low frequency radio navigation systems.



The Belar range of precision modulation monitors have become industry standard test instruments for the world’s leading broadcast manufacturers. “When accuracy counts, count on Belar”.



Davicom provides the intelligent solution for remote site monitoring and control. From transmitter sites to unattended studios, Davicom control units will interface easily with virtually any type of remote site equipment and sensors, which ensures maximum flexibility and expandability.


Delta Electronics are manufacturers of quality electronic and electro-mechanical equipment for the broadcast and communications industry. Their product range includes coaxial transfer switches, RF ammeters, impedance bridges and toroidal current transformers.


Since becoming established in 1969, Flash Technology offers you  innovative and cost effective lighting solutions as well as the systems that support their reliable operation.


Inovonics Logo

For over 40 years Inovonics has maintained its position as a market leading provider of user friendly, cost effective and innovative broadcast products including AM/FM modulation monitors & RDS encoders/decoders.



Kintronic Labs design, manufacture and test fully integrated antenna systems, telecommunications solutions and customised RF components. For over 60 years Kintronic Labs have been serving the needs of terrestrial radio broadcast from the simplest component to the most complex antenna site solution.



Moseley Broadcast are leaders in the production of high quality, custom configured digital, analogue and HD radio STL/TSL, data links and transmitter remote controls for the radio broadcast industry.


Nautel offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of digital/analogue, solid-state, MW/LW/FM transmission platforms including 1 kW – 2 MW-AM, 300 W – 88 kW FM radio transmitters, low-power UHF TV transmitters, and solutions for HD Radio, DRM and LPFM broadcast. Nautel transmitters offer comprehensive monitoring and control instrumentation via touch screen or web, outstanding reliability, compact footprints, high efficiency, easy maintenance, four-year warranty, and 24/7 support. Nautel has over 14,000 customers in more than 177 countries.


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Orban is the benchmark for quality and the worldwide industry standard for professional audio processing. Orban’s OPTIMOD series audio processors provide the loudest, cleanest and most compelling signature sound for AM, FM, HF/Shortwave, DTV, DAB or Webcasting.



For almost 50 years Potomac Instruments have been a leading manufacturer of precision, rugged and reliable instrumentation products for the broadcast industry. Their products include audio test instruments, antenna array monitoring systems, AM, FM and TV field strength meters.



Sonifex manufactures high quality audio and video equipment for radio and TV studios. The constant need to innovate is now an integral part of the Sonifex culture, combining healthy and outward-looking ideas with sound and efficient design practices. During the next decade Sonifex will consolidate its position in the broadcasting and security industries by expanding its research and development efforts in order to offer new designs of equipment reflecting the quality and reliability that is expected by its customers.


StreamS Logo HiFi AUDIO ENCODERS MI 260w

StreamS HiFi Radio product systems provide the most advanced and reliable software streaming solutions to the professional broadcast and netcast industry. Designed by the Modulation Index team of world class developers, the StreamS product range offers the best available solutions for quality audio encoding, streaming, metadata and logging.



Tieline is the Codec Company and an established manufacturer of the world’s leading range of broadcast IP audio codecs that provide rock solid studio to transmitter link (STL), remote broadcast and audio distribution solutions.


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