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The A-L864 Medium Intensity Red LED Flashing Beacon is designed to visibly mark any obstacle that may present hazards to aircraft navigation. It is an economical alternative to incandescent lighting for towers or masts. Rugged construction, low power consumption, RF shielding and long life make this the ideal choice for marking antennas and masts.


The A-L864 utilizes solid construction and a robust power supply to provide multiple levels of shielding and filtering. This makes the unit very resistant to damage from RF fields, lightning hits, or voltage spikes. Austin’s engineering team have used their unique understanding of RF design to build a light that is specifically suited for the most demanding applications.

Austin’s A-L864 has redundant LED elements, so light output is maintained even in the unlikely event of multiple LED failures. It is also compatible with existing load-monitoring fault alarm systems.

The A-L864 features a switchable internal flasher circuit. When the flasher is enabled the beacon may be operated as an independent unit without the need for further accessories. It is also compatible with existing photocell controls.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Electrical Specifications

Austin A-L864 Diagram

Input Voltage: 115VAC/230VAC (nominal)
– user-selectable (please specify when ordering)
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz

Environmental Specifications

Temperature: -55°C to +55°C (-67°F to 130°F)
Humidity: 95% Relative Humidity
Miscellaneous: Will withstand exposure to wind-blown rain from any direction. Will withstand exposure to salt-laden atmosphere.

Other Features

Integrated Flasher Assembly
Photometric Specifications

Meets or exceeds:
FAA AC No. 150/5345-43F
ICAO Annex 14
Transport Canada CAR 621.19
CASA Manual of Standards Part 139

Prewired with fully shielded power cable containing qty.3 #14 AWG stranded wire (LINE, NEUTRAL, GROUND/SHIELD).

Product Resources

Product Resources

Austin A-L864 Manual

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