DISCONTINUED Innes Delay Master 4 Audio Delay System




The Delay Master digital audio delay provides a fixed time stereo delay in half-hour steps, offering an easy to use solution to transferring broadcast program across timezone boundaries or for simply delaying program for rebroadcast at a more convenient time.

The unit offers a fixed delay mode, where the delay is manually selected, or an automatic timezone mode where the originator and destination timezones are selected and the appropriate delay is calculated, taking into account daylight saving when in force. Control is either from the front panel buttons and LCD display or from a VGA screen and mouse, which may be optionally connected. The Delay Master supports programmed event scheduling which can be set up to change the setting of either or both channels at predefined times.

Audio input and output is high level (+24dBu peak) balanced and is linearly sampled at 48kHz, providing in excess of 20kHz bandwidth with less than 0.01% distortion. Front panel LED VU meters indicate input and output level on each channel, while input level is also shown on the VGA screen.

A serial data stream can also be delayed along with the audio. RS232 inputs and outputs are provided and support data rates from 300 bps to 38400 bps. Two serial ports are provided on the dual channel model.

A temperature compensated crystal oscillator is used to stabilise the time-of-day clock, providing accurate switching times at the start and end of daylight saving or for programmed events.

A high quality dry reed audio bypass relay is fitted to route audio directly from input to output when the unit is switched off.

The Delay Master software is a 32 bit multithreaded application running on Microsoft Windows 2000. Separate watchdog threads monitor the operation of each audio channel and reboot if any problems are detected. The audio and serial data is stored on a high capacity IDE disk drive.

When used in conjunction with the Delay Master Sentry, eight contact closure inputs and outputs per channel are available as an alternative to the serial data stream. The Sentry also provides unit status and audio failure alarms and can provide automatic changeover in a dual redundancy configuration. Where two Delay Masters are connected as a redundant pair one unit can have its settings slaved to the other via a network cable. All setting changes occuring on the master (including those caused by event execution) are reflected on the slave.


Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Available delay 0 – 24 hours in 0.5 hour steps*
Inputs XLR, 10k balanced +8 / +4 / 0 dBu line level
Outputs XLR, 40 ohm balanced +8/ +4 / 0 dBu line level
Audio clipping level +24 dBu
Digital audio resolution 16 bit linear
Bandwidth 5 Hz to 20 kHz
Delay accuracy +/- 200ms (delay < 8 hours) +/- 500ms (longer delays) Serial data 300-38400 bps, 8 bit, no parity Time of day accuracy Better than 3 seconds per month Power consumption 150W nominal Operating temperature 5-40o C non-condensing Shock tolerance 5G operating, 50G shipping *The maximum delay may vary depending on the size of disk drive fitted. [tabbyending]

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