S0 Radio Broadcast Mixer Now Compatible with Skype Through its USB Audio Feature

Sonifex S0 MixerThe latest upgrade to the S0 mixer allows the user to operate Skype on channel 9, with the only interconnection being a USB cable. The S0’s USB audio feature has previously allowed either PROGRAMME or RECORD bus audio (selected by jumper) to be routed to a PC via USB interface for the purpose of audio recording, with a return path useful for providing a pre-fade listen (PFL) for a playout system. The upgrade gives the user a third option, allowing the cleanfeed output from the telco channel to be routed to a PC via the USB. Setting both the “microphone” and “speakers” within skype to S0 then allows full duplex communication between the S0 presenter and a caller, enabling the user to audition the caller on PFL to set levels before either going to air or recording a feature.

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