Nautel at SMPTE 2017

Don’t miss a special technical presentation from Nautel’s Chuck Kelly on  “Ambient Noise Levels in Radio Frequency Bands” –  Thursday 20th July 11:30

The noise floor within the AM and FM broadcast frequency bands can be divided into intentional radiators and unintentional radiators. While the contribution of intentional radiators has increased significantly in the last two decades with many new full power and low power stations, the growth of unintentional radiators has been dramatic. All microprocessor based devices have clock frequencies in these bands, and many compact fluorescent lights and LED lights emit substantial RF energy in the MF and VHF bands.
In this expert presentation by Chuck Kelly the impact of these unintentional radiators will be addressed and possible mitigation strategies discussed.
For RF engineers and enthusiasts in terrestrial broadcasting, this is  a presentation you won’t want to miss!

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