ViA – The NEW remote audio codec from Tieline

tieline-logoTieline Technology are raising the bar yet again with their latest remote audio codec. The new ViA features a redesigned user interface that focuses on simplicity and usability for creating and monitoring live connections. With a colour LED touch screen, high fidelity, fully duplex stereo audio, a separate bidirectional IFB circuit and the most intuitive codec user interface available, the ViA brings a whole new standard to wireless remote broadcasting.

Versatile and Flexible
ViA includes Tieline’s new proprietary Fuse-IP data aggregation technology, which lets you bond any available IP interface. Choose from 2 USB modems, 2 Ethernet connections or onboard Wi-Fi. Bond 2 USB modem data links from different Telcos and let Fuse-IP technology automatically manage the data capability of each link.

ViA also includes Tieline’s ground-breaking SmartStream PLUS dual redundant streaming technology with features like Automated Jitter Buffer management, Forward Error Correction and advanced error concealment strategies. These combine to deliver rock solid connections over unmanaged IP connections like the public internet.

Insert an optional POTS or ISDN module into ViA and the codec is instantly transformed to connect over alternative network transports. Configure primary and backup connections over different network transports, or use either POTS or ISDN as your IFB circuit.

ViA has 3 balanced mic/line XLR inputs, 3 headphone outputs and supports digital AES3 in. A stereo auxiliary input lets you connect analog or digital audio sources to provide 5 inputs in total.

Feature rich and compact! Tieline VIA

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