Tieline Gateway and Gateway 4 Codec – New Firmware Released v3.06.06

Leading codec manufacturer Tieline has announced the release of new firmware v3.06.06 officially supporting Livewire+ and a range of other new features in Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs.

Major features in this release include:

• Native support for Livewire+ AoIP streaming.
• User defined program support for a mix of point-to-point and multi-point audio streams.
• Ember+ GPIO support.
• New codec front panel lock feature.
• French, Spanish & Portuguese translation updates.
















Livewire streams displayed in Tieline’s web-GUI Controller

“This is the first official release of firmware with native Livewire+ AoIP streaming support, which has been highly anticipated by many broadcasters,” said Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC/EMEA. “Native support for Livewire+ facilitates both the Gateway and Gateway 4 being integrated seamlessly into the large number of networks that have deployed this proprietary protocol and use Axia consoles and Pathfinder for routing control.”

This release also includes the ability to create user defined programs that support a mix of point-to-point streams, as well as multicast and multi-unicast audio streams. This delivers greater flexibility for distribution of audio streams over wide area networks.

The new release is a free upgrade for existing customers.

Release notes for all new features can be viewed, and firmware downloaded, from the support page for each codec available via www.tieline.com/support.


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