New Grandmaster Clock from Sonifex


The latest product release from Sonifex was launched at the recent  IBC exhibition.  The AVN-GMC PTPv2 grandmaster clock is their first product for use in Ravenna networks.

IEEE 1588 PTP (precision time protocol) is used to synchronise all the nodes within a network. To achieve this one of the nodes must become the master clock and distribute time packets to the others. The AVN-GMC is designed to perform this role simply and accurately, acting as a GPS receiver and enabling sub micro second synchronisation between all nodes.

In normal operation, the unit has PTPv2 time stamping resolution to 8nsec. The AVN-GMC combines a GPS receiver, a PLL (phase lock loop) and a specialist on-board clock device to create the precise, low jitter clock signals required to drive the physical transceiver’s time stamping circuitry, also providing holdover if the GPS signal is lost.

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