Nautel Software Bulletin

Nautel is aware that a recent upgrade to the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin has affected access to remote AUI sessions.

The new plugin version,, disables the SUBMIT button on the Remote AUI Login screen.  It appears to affect all browsers using this new plugin, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Local AUI access is not affected by this issue. The Nautel software developers understand the issue and are implementing a solution.  If you experience this issue, there is no need to open a Support Case with their Customer Service team. 

A potential workaround is to change the Language selection at the Login screen, allowing the connection to time out.  The Submit button should then be enabled, allowing you to change back to your original language and enter your login credentials.

N1 N2 N3

Nautel has now resolved the issue with both the VS series and NVLT series and there are new software updates available.

You may download VS SW Version 4.2.3 from this link (link)

You may download NVLT SW Version 4.3.5 from this link (link)

You may download NV SW Version 4.2.8 from this link (link)

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