Inovonics Launch NEW 655 Re-Broadcast Translator Receiver at NAB

Inovonics new AARON 655 employs a sensitive FM / HD Radio SDR-based receiver that invariably returns to the programmed frequency and reception mode following a power interruption. In addition to FM and HD1-8 program sources for rebroadcast, the 655 accepts analog, AES-digital and streaming program inputs with fallback-priority selection. Outputs are FM-stereo-multiplex (MPX) as well as both analog and AES digital program line outputs and output streaming.


  • Accepts FM & HD1-8 program sources for re-broadcast
  • Also supports analog, AES-digital, and streaming inputs
  • RDS encoder that can either pass or regenerate incoming RDS
  • Can reformat HD Radio ‘PAD’ data for RDS retransmission
  • Unparalleled sensitivity, selectivity, and RF shielding

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