Free Sonifex Software Switchboard Available for Download

sonifex_software_switchboard_1920x1080pxAvailable now – New software for remote control of the DHY-04 range of digital telephone hybrids is now available for download free of charge. The software runs on Windows 7/8 and allows you to control up to 24 digital hybrids, including the GSM (DHY-04G) and HD Voice (DHY-04HD) versions of the products, all from one screen.

The software includes a Phone Book, a Chat Screen, Speed Dials, a Dial Pad and a Broadcast Clock.

It uses a local or networked SQL database for shared access to the hybrids and the interface is designed for use with a Full HD resolution touchscreen, although it can be used with traditional mouse and keyboard inputs.

To download, please click here , or go to the Software Downloads section of the website.

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