Tieline Launches SmartStream PLUS in Report-IT Live

Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline Technology has announced the launch of SmartStream PLUS dual redundant streaming, adjustable automatic jitter buffering and forward error correction (FEC) in the Report-IT Live Pro smartphone app v.3.4.2.

“This innovative suite of new features makes Report-IT the most powerful smartphone codec app available,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC & EMEA. “Most significantly, the integration of SmartStream PLUS delivers true network diversity for smartphone reporting. It allows users to stream using the phone’s cellular LTE connection and simultaneously stream over commonly available Wi-Fi access points, or over an affordable MiFi (mobile Wi-Fi) device. If one connection is lost, the other will continue to stream reliable IP audio to the studio to ensure continuity of remote audio.”

SmartStream PLUS significantly enhances the reliability of smartphone broadcasting and can be employed when connecting to Tieline’s Merlin and Merlin PLUS IP codecs, which both support SmartStream PLUS dual streaming technology.


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