Sonifex Reference Monitor ‘Enhanced Clarity’ EQ Firmware Upgrade

A new version of firmware for the Reference Monitor has been issued which significantly improves the sound in the newer products. It’s recommended for download by anyone using the RM-2S4, RM-4C8 and RM-2S10 products. The hardware was redesigned in 2015 with a new speaker system and this upgrade utilizes a number of features in the unit, including the built-in 5 band parametric EQ, to enhance the sound output.

By adjusting the crossover point, adding 5 more EQ filters (10 in total), altering input levels dynamically, adding/removing EQ at critical points and redesigning the limiter output gain section, the audio has been given a flatter, more even, response together with more depth and clarity.

The firmware is available now and can be installed on all products, although the new changes will only be automatically applied on systems using the new speaker system.

Available from the Sonifex website in V3.18 and later.

General version information: 

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