Sonifex Flashlog 8 Firmware Update – 8.05r4

Sonifex are pleased to announce the release of new Flashlog 8 firmware version 8.05r4.

If your logger hasn’t had a firmware update for a while and you missed version 8.05r2 released at the end of 2021, we strongly recommend upgrading your logger with the latest firmware version 8.05r4, which will include new features and bug fixes from the front end of this year too.

This update will include fixes from our last major update and will ensure you continue to log DAB stations if the mux exceeds 32 services. While the DAB Radcap encompasses an entire ensemble, only 32 services were previously visible on the Flashlog 8 GUI. With digital radio growing in Australia, some markets have recently exceeded 32 services, particularly with the addition of specialty seasonal offerings. In Sydney, Adelaide and Perth there are already commercial ensembles with 33+ services and potentially this could expand to other markets. The latest Flashlog 8 update will future proof your logger up to a new maximum of 64 DAB services per ensemble.

Update 8.05r4 also includes the following new features and fixes for those logging internet streams:
• Fixed a bug with redirected Shoutcast/Icecast streams that could cause them to hang indefinitely following a network error.

Click here to download the update >

If you require further assistance, please contact support.

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