AVN-CU1 Dante Commentary Unit for 1 Commentator

Sonifex are proud to unveil the brand new AVN-CU1 Dante Commentary Unit for 1 Commentator. Expanding on the Sonifex Commentary range, the AVN-CU1 boasts a simple to use, single microphone/headphone combination with a full feature set and a low price point.

Sonifex AVN-CU1-top-image

Top view of the Sonifex AVN-CU1

Sonifex AVN-CU1-rear-image

Rear view of the Sonifex AVN-CU1













The headphone amplifier has five inputs. There are three talkback channels, programme and sidetone, each with an individual potentiometer for level control. Audio output routing is controlled by illuminated pushbuttons. There’s an OLED display for setup and configuration, a high impact LED bar graph for metering in daylight, individual headphone routing per audio source and downlighting to indicate status.

It has redundant Primary and Secondary Dante network ports on EtherCON RJ45s as well as two SFP transceiver ports and is powered by dual PoE or a 12V DC input.

Top Control Panel

Potentiometers control mix levels of the five sources into the user’s headphones: Sidetone, Programme, Talkback A, B and C.

Each potentiometer (except for sidetone) is accompanied by an illuminated push button which routes the mic/line input to the relevant Dante™ output (On Air, T/B A, T/B B & T/B C). The GPIO button can be used to call for technical help, identify users, or for your own remote function. Push buttons have removable caps, allowing you to change the text for your specific application.

Each potentiometer is accompanied by a 3-position toggle switch to route audio to the left, right or both channels of the headphone output.

A scribble pad spans all buttons to allow quick and easy source or destination labelling.

An OLED display for configuration and status indication (Clock, Link, PoE and DC). It also indicates the active metering scale of the bar graph meter (dBFS/VU).

A rotary encoder is used to enter and navigate the menu and to make adjustments to settings.

A curved LED bar graph meter provides a high impact audio output level indicator (User selectable VU or dBFS scale).

RGB LED downlighting under the base of the unit indicates status (e.g. ON AIR), or can simply provide decorative lighting.


The AVN-CU1 is available now.

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