Orban OPTIMOD-AM 9300 Software Update V2.1

Software Update V2.1 for OPTIMOD-AM 9300 Adds New Network Management Tools:

With the update the standard built-in SNMP agent will have an increased feature list with more than 20 objects to control and monitor the OPTIMOD 9300 via an SNMP management system. Amongst others, we have added the objects Device Status, Status of Input and Output Stages, Input and Output Parameter Settings, Active Audio Processing and Transmission Presets as well as Negative and Positive Modulation Levels.
Peter van Beusekom, Senior Audio Processing Specialist of Orban Europe GmbH, explains how you can use e.g. the object that monitors the output section in the field: “It gives the broadcaster the option to use a script in the SNMP management system which generates an alarm if an engineer – on site or remotely – changes the output level parameter. This functionality protects the broadcaster from any possible damage to the transmitter.”

Beside extending the SNMP functionalities, the software update will also add a digital to analog fallback control which can defeat the automatic fallback. The OPTIMOD-AM 9300 can automatically switch to its analog input if the signal lock is unavailable at the AES3 input.
Another feature is the automatic switch from the analog to the digital input or vice versa if silence is detected at the selected input and if the fallback input is not silent. With the software update a new silence trigger control will be available to check whether silence is detected on the left and the right input channel or if only the left or the right input channel is silent. This new criteria can be used to adjust the switching behavior of the OPTIMOD.

The software update for the OPTIMOD-AM 9300 is available free of charge on the Orban website:



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