Newsletter – July 2019



Meet our newest team member!


It’s a pleasure to introduce Lachlan Wiltshire, the newest member of Sonifex Australia. Lachlan’s early exposure to BEND FM through his involvement with the Scout Jamboree, sparked an interest in pursuing a career in broadcasting. Working with our Technical Manager, Don Coyle, Lachlan hopes to build on the foundational knowledge he acquired with the Scouts. Lachlan has already established himself as a conscientious, valuable addition to our office. Welcome to the team, Lachlan!





Four generations under one roof!

It’s not every day that you see four generations of transmitters operating in one hut, but that’s currently the case at the 4KQ and 4BH AM site in Brisbane.

Representing more than 30 years of Nautel technology under the one roof, we now have an Ampfet 10 (1985), ND5 (2003), XR12 (2006) and the latest NX10 on show and in service! Thanks to Broadcast Australia’s Technical Specialist Steve Main for providing these photos after he recently installed the new NX10 for 4KQ.

For any Nautel inquiries please email us or call (02) 9987 0499.




New financial year, time for new equipment?

With new budgets and old equipment, now is the time to scratch that itch and buy the piece you’ve had your eye on. From the studio to transmitter site, we’ve got the broadcasting solution you’ve been looking for.

Hot off the Inovonics production line and now shipping is the complete range of new generation INOmini Monitor-Receivers.  These compact 1/3-rack size units offer outstanding performance and features at very affordable prices. Call us for a quote today!

For more information on the full range of Inovonics products please email us or call (02) 9987 0499.



NEW Cloud Controller Codec

The Cloud Codec Controller can immediately detect the presence of a Tieline codec or device running the Report-IT Enterprise app as soon as it connects to the internet. Features include:

  • Real-time online/offline status of supported codecs and users logged into Report-IT Enterprise.
  • Monitoring of connection status, link quality and audio levels.
  • Remote adjustment of audio levels.
  • Remotely dial and hang-up remote codec connections from the studio.

Monitor and control your entire network of IP codecs, select and load programs and view and manage alarms. Plus you can launch the HTML Toolbox web-GUI to access all codec controls, mixer and router settings, program editing and creation, and much more.

Tieline’s Charlie Gawley explains the unbelievable power placed at your fingertips with the Cloud Codec Controller in the video below. If you’d like any further information or pricing please email us or call (02) 9987 0499.


Our post-EOFY warehouse re-organisation has uncovered the following gems. Snap up a bargain while they last. First in best dressed!


BW Broadcast DSPXmini-ST Low Delay Headphone Processor $995 ex GST (Ex Demo)

Ultra-low 4ms delay – now your talent can have a loud feed without complaining about echo.


JK Audio Innkeeper LTD Digital Hybrid $300 ex GST (As New!)

Send line level signals into the phone line while maintaining excellent separation between your voice and the caller.


DAB+ PCI Radcap Radio Capture Cards $200 each ex GST (Limited Quantity)

Receives and decodes an entire ensemble.


Auricon 4.1+ PCI Analogue Sound Cards $100 each ex GST

Professional-quality audio input-output card with one stereo input and four stereo outputs.

Local freight charges are additional.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us or call (02) 9987 0499.



NEW Dante® Audio Interfaces 

The new Multi-Channel Dante® Audio Interfaces provide 4 or 8 balanced analogue inputs and outputs to and from the Dante network. Simple to configure and operate, these cost-effective rack-mount solutions offer an easy solution for AV professionals and system integrators. Packaged in a 1U form factor, they use Neutrik XLR connectors, are Dante® AES67 compliant and use PoE for power.

For more information, call us on (02) 9987 0499 or email us with any questions.



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