NEW RELEASES – Sonifex Dante Interface Range

AVN-DIO19 Dante® to AES3 16 Channel I/O Converter





The AVN-DIO19 audio converter and interface converts up to eight digital stereo AES3 inputs and eight digital stereo AES3 outputs to and from the Dante Audio-over-IP networking standard. Each input can accept sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz, which will be sample rate converted to the Dante system sample rate. All outputs follow the Dante system sample rate.

The AVN-DIO19 sits alongside the existing AVN-AESIO8/R products, providing similar functionality but in a smaller form factor, allowing 3 of them to be mounted in a 1U rack-space.

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Shipping – August 2021





AVN-DIO20 Dante® to MADI AES3 64 Channel I/O Converter





The AVN-DIO20 is a MADI and AES3 to Dante bridging device allowing MADI to connect bidirectionally with AoIP, together with 8 stereo channels of AES3. This simple plug and play audio interface provides a quick and convenient method of connecting legacy MADI equipment to the Dante AoIP audio network. Find out more >>

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