NEW RELEASE – Orban Optimod 5950 FM & DAB+ – Best of Show IBC 2022

New Optimod 5950 Audio Processor a Winner!







Featuring amongst the winners of Radio World’s IBC2022 Best of Show awards last month was Orban’s latest product release, the OPTIMOD 5950. The OPTIMOD 5950 is the first product in Orban’s newest generation of audio processors and offers a powerful package of features in its compact 1 RU design. Equipped with a high-resolution touch display and the ability to be controlled remotely via any HTML5 web browser, Orban’s 5950 combines user-friendly operation with the highest quality OPTIMOD audio processing for FM and DAB+/HD Radio broadcasts.







With its analog, AES3, composite and digital MPX, and AES67/SMPTE-ST2110 inputs and outputs, the OPTIMOD 5950 can easily be integrated in any studio and transmitter environment. Additionally, optional µMPX allows a cost-effective transmission of digital MPX signals over IP. The OPTIMOD 5950 is equipped with Orban’s latest audio processing features including the MX Peak Limiter to decrease distortion, a Subharmonic Synthesizer for a punchy bass and a Multipath Mitigator/Phase Corrector that reduces multipath distortion without compromising stereo separation. Its onboard RDS/RBDS generator supports dynamic PS scrolling and IP access. A complete set of measurement tools including oscilloscope and FFT are available for monitoring audio signals. Additionally, Ember+ and SNMP v2 protocols are supported for remote control and monitoring.


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