NEW RELEASE – Inovonics 541 FM Modulation Monitor

Introducing the NEW 541 FM Modulation Monitor!

Inovonics are excited to present their fourth-generation FM Modulation Monitor at the NAB Show this year. The all-new, totally-digital 541 will be on display, showcasing all the necessary features for station setup, regulatory compliance, and remote monitoring. The 5-inch colourful LCD Touch Screen displays all the essential modulation data in a graphic format on the front panel, or it can be viewed remotely on any web-enabled device.






The 541 delivers a wealth of information about the transmitted signal in terms of the RF carrier and all subcarriers, the audio component defining the technical quality that the listener hears, and full decoding of RDS data and SCA audio. The digital architecture of the 541 combines detailed DSP signal analysis with a menu-driven touch-screen display, plus webserver-based total access for remote operation, including measurements, graphical data and direct web-browser audio monitoring of the off-air program.

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