Nautel VX Series – Shortened Lead Times!

Exciting updates on the Nautel VX series!

The lower-powered VX models, 150W to 2kW, are now being shipped with a significantly reduced lead time of just 6 to 8 weeks. Moreover, a considerable number of these units have already been successfully deployed and are currently operational in Australia.

The new series boasts a compact, efficient, serviceable and affordable design, that is architected for long service life and the lowest cost of ownership. The series features 11 models between 150W and 6kW, to ensure there’s a solution for every requirement. Beyond their place as an FM transmitter (including Low Power FM), these units offer excellent solutions as exciters and AM translators.

Each transmitter comes with all the inclusions you would expect from Nautel:
• AUI: Secure, HTML5 transmitter control
• Instrumentation, RDS, SNMP, Presets
• PhoneHome for enhanced service
• Modular 3-5kW for easy service & low weight
• 100% North American design, build, #1 support
• Rigorous testing and quality assurance
• Long service-life design
• 4-year warranty


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