Nautel VS Series Version: 5.2 Software Update Bulletin

We’re pleased to advise you that new software has been released for your Nautel VS Series Transmitter.

VS Series Software Version 5.2 is a Software update suitable for all Nautel VS Series transmitters. This release is considered CRITICAL for those who are experiencing issues with network/system stability, are using a streaming service for audio content (such as Shoutcast) or require any of the bug fixes/improvements identified below. Nautel recommends you upgrade at your earliest convenience, during your next scheduled site visit.

For those who do not require any of the bug fixes/improvements identified below or are satisfied with current transmitter behavior, this release is considered NON-CRITICAL.

Note: This shares the functionality of 4.4.1 with the changes listed below.

Release Notes and Upgrade files are available on the Nautel FTP site:

New Features:

  • Added RDS Decoder on Local UI. Appears under the “View Status” menu when RDS is enabled. See manual for more details.

Improvements / Enhancements:

  • Improved system stability and network stability/connectivity.
  • Improved stability for streaming audio and audio files.
  • Improved SNMP v2c compliance. New VS and Nautel Base MIBs are available. To ensure SNMP functionality following upgrade to 5.2, the new MIBs must be loaded onto your SNMP client.

Installation Considerations:

  • This software update will take approximately 30 minutes and may require multiple reboots. You will be OFF AIR during the upgrade process.

Software Upgrade procedures can be found in the Non-Standard Maintenance section of your Operations and Maintenance Manual.

* Please be sure to review and understand the complete set of instructions prior to beginning your upgrade.

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