Nautel GV Series 3.5 – 40kW FM Transmitters

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Meet the new GV Series, the culmination of years of Nautel digital/analog transmission innovation.

Nautel’s field-proven, high-power FM architecture is mated with the industry’s most advanced RF technologies and Nautel’s award-winning control system to set a new standard for digital performance, efficiency, serviceability and unmatched functionality.

Digital, Efficient, Intelligent, Refined

  • Charts new territory in digital efficiency
  • Reduced cost of ownership for IBOC
  • New HD Spectrum/Efficiency Optimizer
  • Separate controller “back up” user interface
  • New site control functionality via AUI
  • Low mains operation down to 90V (at 1/3 TPO)
  • New dynamic RDS scrolling
  • New oscilloscope instrumentation
  • Field-proven, high-power architecture
  • Industry’s highest digital TPO
  • Award-winning control via Nautel’s AUI
  • Commercial grade instrumentation
  • HD PowerBoost PAPR/crest reduction
  • MER instrumentation
  • Asymmetrical sidebands
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Constellation view
  • HD Reliable transpor

Unmatched Value and Time-saving Capabilities

  • SHOUTcast™ and IceCast streaming input
  • RDS generator
  • Audio spectrum analyzer
  • Powerful presets
  • LD-MOS
  • UPS interface
  • PUSHRADIO™ with scheduler and play lists
  • Nautel PhoneHome™ proactive status monitoring
  • Axia Livewiree™ IP audio support
  • Optional Orban Inside™

and much more…

  • Affordable, Reliable High Power
  • (No Tuning, No Tubes)
  • Transmitter Centered Design
  • Full control wherever you are
  • Built-in Instrumentation and Control
  • New Dynamic RDS Scrolling
  • New Oscilloscope Instrumentation
  • Unique MER Instrumentation
  • RF and Audio Spectrum Analyzers
  • Comprehensive Monitoring and Control to the Sub-module Level
  • Extensive Logging of all Events
  • SNMP Support
  • Email Notifications
  • Highest Hybrid IBOC Efficiency
  • Site Control
  • Designed For Digital
  • Proven Reliability and Ease of Ownership




Major New Capabilities:

GV Series transmitters are unlike any other with more useful, time-saving capabilities than there is room here to describe:

The GV Series offers affordable, high-power, solid-state with outputs up to 88 kW. That means more power for digital and more power for increased IBOC injection levels.

Unlike traditional high-power solutions the GV series eliminates single points of failures. Your GV can loose fans, power supplies, power amplifiers, whole power modules, even its user interface and stay on the air. Its simple air cooling also makes the GV’s high power easy to deploy.

Traditional designs put features and display capabilities into a very expensive external exciter rather than the transmitter. If you want exciter redundancy you need to purchase two of these expensive devices and end up with two displays.

Plus, everything you expect from a Nautel:

In a Nautel high power design all control functionality is consolidated right inside the transmitter where it can provide the most benefit. A generous sized touch screen is provided locally and the same advanced control can be accessed anywhere on the web. GV Series transmitters also provide an additional LCD display on the control module for extra control redundancy.

By eliminating outboard exciters you save money, gain even more advanced features and acheive centralized control over all transmitter functions including the exciter(s). In fact the exciters are so cost effective that many customers buy two.

All GV Series transmitters include Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI) with 17” touch screen monitor and web access. Whether you are on-site in front of your transmitter or at home on the web, 100% of the AUI is available to help you manage your transmitter.

Imagine knowing in advance what parts and tools you’ll need at the transmitter site. Having that much control remotely can help you avoid trips, save time and save money.

Built in commercial grade instrumentation can mean even more savings and helps you optimize your on-air signal. Advanced control features include:

New oscilloscope functionality allows for comparison of the forward and reverse path signals and for monitoring the audio input waveform in the time domain.

Real-time measurement of MER (Modulation error ratio) provides the ability to diagnose issues such as interference with the MP3 carriers near the analog signal due to FM analog signal over-modulation.

With the GV Series Nautel has charted new ground for digital transmission efficiency. Traditionally, digital hybrid modes have displayed much lower efficiency compared to analog-only broadcasting. The GV addresses the need for analog/digital hybrid efficiency as well.

A new Spectrum/Efficiency Optimizer dynamically optimizes digital transmission parameters to achieve optimum spectral performance and efficiency. Digital efficiencies have improved by up to 15%. High digital efficiency can result in tens of thousands of dollars savings over the life of your transmitter.

Using existing parallel inputs and outputs, the GV Series offers built-in, fully integrated monitoring and control instrumentation for site-related equipment via Nautel’s award-winning AUI; e.g. air conditioning and generator status. The AUI can also notify broadcasters via email if any monitored parameters transition to their fault state.

Using the AUI’s intuitive Site Control menu, users can also develop more complex logical expressions involving pre-existing or custom remote inputs and outputs. These expressions can drive physical remote outputs to control the operational state of other site equipment; e.g. to open a building vent if the air-conditioner fails. Delays and latching functions are also available for each expression, along with visibility of the current state, notifications and logging via the AUI.

Whether you intend to broadcast digitally now or in the future your GV Series will be ready. While most transmitter designs have been adapted to address the digital broadcasting era, Nautel engineers started fresh to ensure the GV Series would offer the best possible digital radio performance.

The transmitter supports adaptive pre-correction and even accepts I&Q directly to permit a plug-in HD Radio™ Exgine or easy upgrade to DRM+ transmission.

To meet the toughest demands for digital power and coverage, Nautel invented HD PowerBoost™ and was the first to offer Asymmetrical sidebands. You’ll ensure optimal performance by utilizing the built-in MER instrumentation and Spectrum/Efficiency Optimizer.

Like every Nautel ever built the GV Series incorporates solid state components in rugged, highly redundant, hot swap architecture. Common modules across the family minimize spares requirements.

Compact footprints, published parts lists and screw driver replaceable power FETS make living with your GV transmitter easy for years to come.

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