Inovonics Sofia SiteStreamer+™ Firmware Updates

New firmware for all three SOFIA models has just been released! It applies to the of SOFIA 568 HD Radio SiteStreamer+ released last year, the complimentary SOFIA 565 FM and SOFIA 567 AM versions launched the beginning of 2020.

We’ve added new features which include a more secure login for ‘casual’ users so that they can log in, listen to the audio, and view all parameters, but are not able to change anything. Doing this allows for non-technical users to benefit from SOFIA’s many diagnostic parameters such as the Listener Experience, Remote Audio Listening as well as verification of alarm conditions. It is reminiscent of the old saying, saying “Look, but don’t touch!”

In addition to Analog, AES3, AoIP AES67, and Dante, we’ve included another means of sending audio out of SOFIAs.This is UDP Streaming which is useful for using SOFIA in an audio logging situation.This stream can be sent to any number of recording software applications for proof of play as well as 24/7/365 logging!

We recommend that everyone with a SOFIA SiteStreamer+ update the firmware to take advantage of these new features and minor bug fixes.



Firmware updates can be downloaded from the product page under the ‘Product Resources’ tab:


Inovonics 565 SOFIA FM SiteStreamer+™


Inovonics 567 SOFIA AM SiteStreamer+™


Inovonics 568 SOFIA FM/HD Radio™ SiteStreamer+™


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