Inovonics New SOFIA 565 Web-enabled FM Receiver-Monitor // Available Now!

The much anticipated SOFIA 565 is the latest in the elite SOFIA SiteStreamer+™ (plus) series with advanced features for critical monitoring situations. Available from Sonifex now!

The SOFIA 565 FM SiteStreamer+™ includes many additional features to the popular INOmini SiteStreamers™ which are web-enabled receivers for remote signal monitoring.

They are Installed at a broadcast transmitter site, or any remote location with an Internet connection. The SOFIA 565 provides analog, AES3-digital and DANTE AoIP-audio outputs.

The SOFIA 565 can provide signal metrics in real-time and a history of the entire broadcast day, as well as validating and displaying RDS/RBDS program-related metadata.

Internet-listening is streamed for up to 10 listeners at once. Multiple stations can be sequentially monitored using the programmable StationRotation™ feature.


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