Inovonics 704 INOmini RDS Encoder

Inovonics 704 RDS encoder

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Welcome to the new Inovonics 704 RDS encoder: The easy and reliable way to add dynamic RDS text messaging on a budget.

The INOmini 704 is Inovonics’ fourth-generation standalone RDS RadioData encoder in a small-format package, yet incorporating the dynamic messaging features of the company’s flagship Model 732 encoder. Furthermore, the 704 accepts ‘now-playing’ metadata from any of the popular station playout systems to scroll song title and artist information on listeners’ radio faceplates.

Additional housekeeping functions help listeners find favorite programming options and enable networking and timekeeping features.

For more information, visit the official Inovonics 704 page


  • Quick Setup: Easily add dynamic RDS/RBDS presence.
  • Message Length: Create scrolling-PS messages (up to 128 characters) and Radio Text static messages (up to 64 characters).
  • User-Friendly Display: Front panel LCD display and navigation knob.
  • Visual Alerts: Flashing-red front-panel alarms.
  • Web Interface: Set up, program, and manage via the web interface with SNMP support.
  • On-Site Confirmation: Encoder programming confirmed on-site via LCD display.
  • Fast Updates: Rapid data transfer for real-time message updates.
  • Stereo or Mono: Compatible with both stereo and mono signals.
  • Remote Firmware Updates: Update firmware remotely via the web server.

Please Note: RDS, the Radio Data System, is of European origin. RBDS, or Radio Broadcast Data System differentiates the system, with its slight variations, used in North America. These variations are subtle, mostly having to do with PTY categories and the treatment of emergency messaging (which the 704 does not do anyway).

Technical Specifications

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For more information on the Inovonics 732 Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder, please visit our web page here >


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