Fordray FMT2, FMT5 and FMT10 – 2W, 5W and 10W FM Transmitter

(PICTURED: Fordray FMT10 FM Broadcast Transmitter)



The Linear Broadcast FMT range of low to medium power FM Transmitters is designed to fill the needs of the narrowcaster requiring high performance and reliability at a cost effective price.

FMT units are self-contained in a 1RU rack case and provide fully adjustable power output of up to 10 Watts and a user-programmable Phase Locked Loop frequency via simple and accessible rotary switches.



The FMT series features an optional stereo encoder to be added inside the FMT unit if stereo broadcast is required and an external encoder is not being used. There is also a LCD display on the front panel which displays frequency, RF power, audio levels and supply voltage. If remote monitoring is required, the information on the LCD screen is repeated on an RS232 serial data stream from the 9 pin connector on the rear panel.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

FMT2 / FMT10

Audio Input: Mono (RCA) 200mV to 1V, 47kW unbalanced MPX (BNC) 1V to 4V p/p 10kW

Output Power: 0.1W to 2W / 0.1 – 5W / 0.1 to 10W

Controls: Audio input level, RF output power, freq. 4 rotary switches for frequency

Frequency Range: 87 to 108MHz in 100kHz steps

Carrier Freq. Stability: 0.0005% PLL

Phase Jitter: 0.001% Spurious:< -65dBc (Mono & MPX)

Pre-Emphasis: Flat / 50S

Frequency Response: Mono 30Hz to 15kHz MPX 30Hz to 65kHz

Total Distortion: <0.04%

Signal to Noise: > 68dB (Mono & MPX)

Dimensions: 1RU rack case x 250mm deep

Weight: 4kg (FMT10: 5kg)

Power Supply: 100 to 240V AC, 50Hz, IEC 3 pin socket

Power Consumption: (FMT2: 11VA) (FMT5: 17VA) (FMT10: 23VA)

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