Flashlog 8 and Flashback 8 are now available!

Source: Innes Corporation
Author: Sales Team
Date: April 23, 2014

New Features, Upgrade Path and Software Only Option…

Flashlog Software Screen

Offering the following new features:

  • Ability to increase or decrease the number of logging days on each line, AM, FM channel or DAB ensemble.
  • Ability to create line channel sub-categories, allowing a total of up to 64 stereo line channels.
  • MP3 option when saving audio segments (not yet available to USA customers).
  • SNMP and FM RDS decoding supplied as standard.
  • SNMP reporting of RDS RadioText and DAB DLS text, as well as DAB MOT and DLS status.
  • Full Unicode support for international use.
  • Dynamic calendar control shows the range of recorded days.
  • Jump-to-earliest and jump-to-latest buttons on player.
  •  Logging of AXIA GPIO events.
  •  Support for the new PCIe multi-ensemble DAB+ Radcap card.
  • Hardware RAID as standard.

Three ways to purchase Flashlog 8:

  • as a new stand-alone 4RU box, with an Adaptec hardware RAID controller card and Innes Corporation’s latest PCIe Auricon, Digitorc, AM Radcap, FM Radcap and multi-ensemble DAB+ Radcap cards. Available on a choice of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
  • as a build-it-yourself software-only package with a try-before-you-buy two-week demonstration option.
  • as an upgrade to your existing Flashlog 7.

Flashback 8 is available free of charge to all our Flashlog customers, and is backwards compatible with Flashlog versions 5, 6 and 7. As a bonus, the Save-As-MP3 option works with these earlier versions as well as Flashlog 8. For maximum compatibility, please install the latest updates to these earlier loggers (see below for the direct links).

For more information please download the manual for Flashlog 8 and Flashback 8.

Flashback 8 is available for all users.

The Flashlog 7 to Flashlog 8 upgrade package is also available – contact Innes Corporation for pricing and to obtain your activation key.

The software only package for Flashlog 8 is now available – contact Innes Corporation for pricing and a demo activation key.

Be sure to update your existing Flashlog 7 and Flashlog 6. These updates include fixes for recently-discovered bugs (see the readme.pdf files for details).

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