Firefox® Support for Java™ Applets Ends Soon

You may be unaware, but very soon support for Java applets in Firefox, one of the world’s most popular browsers, will end.

Why will this occur?

Well you can read full details from Mozilla here, but in summary Firefox now includes various Web APIs so that websites can do the same things they’ve always done without plugins like Java. According to Mozilla, plugins like Java make browsing slower, less secure and more likely to crash.

What does this mean to you?

Well if you’re running old software relying on Java applets, you need to transition to new versions that don’t rely on these old plugins.

How will this affect my Tieline codecs?

The good news is that Tieline has been preparing for this for a long time and has already successfully transitioned to HTML5 for configuring and controlling all Bridge-IT, Genie, Merlin and ViA codecs with all major web browsers. However, if you are running very old firmware on your Tieline codecs, which does not support the new HTML5 browser technology, you need to plan to upgrade your codecs as soon as possible.

When will support disappear?

Mozilla has stated support will end on 28 August 2018, so we highly recommend you start to plan now for a future without Java plugins. To download new firmware for your Tieline codecs visit Firmware Downloads.

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