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BVE 2016, ExCel, London, UK.
23-25 February 2016
Further information at: www.bvexpo.com

See the latest Sonifex products at the BVE show, Booth D01

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Sonifex Products

For information about the full range of Sonifex products, visit the Sonifex, UK, website at: www.sonifex.co.uk

Antennas AM
Belar LP-1 & LP-1A Passive/Active Shielded Loop Antennas
Antennas FM
Shively Labs 6020 Vertically-Polarized FM Antenna
Shively Labs 6510 FM Antenna
Shively Labs 6513 FM Antenna
Shively Labs 6814 FM Antenna
Shively Labs 6828 FM Antenna
Shively Labs 6842 FM Antenna
Shively Labs Versa2une FM Antenna
Audio Delay
Delay Master 7 Audio Delay System
Broadcast Logging
Flashlog 8 Broadcast Audio Logger
Flashback 8 User Interface
Coaxial Transfer Switches
Delta Electronics 6730E & 6732E 1-5/8" EIA Coaxial Transfer Switch
Delta Electronics 6740B & 6742B 3-1/8" EIA Coaxial Transfer Switch
Codecs - Audio
Orban Opticodec 7600 Audio Codec
Codecs - IP
Comrex BRIC Link Stereo IP Codec
Tieline Bridge-IT Basic/Pro IP Audio Codec
Tieline Bridge-IT XTRA IP Audio Codec
Tieline Merlin PLUS Stereo IP Audio Codec
Tieline Merlin Stereo IP Audio Codec
Codecs - Multi Format
Comrex Access Portable And Rackmount Audio Codec
Comrex Access Mixer Audio Codec
Tieline Commander G3 Rack Audio Codec
Tieline Genie Distribution Codec
Dummy Loads
Altronic Research 6401 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6401L - FM Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 640105 Dual Input Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6403 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6405 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6410-6412-6415 Air Cooled Loads
Altronic Research 6515 GS Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6525 GS Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6705 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6710 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6715 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6725 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6735 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6750 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research 6775 Air Cooled Load
Altronic Research FA640105 Fan Assembly
Encoders & Decoders
Belar DSD-1A Digital Stereo Decoder
Belar RDS-1 RDS Monitor And Decoder
Impedence Bridges
Delta Electronics CPB-1, CPB-1A & CPB-1B Common Point Impedance Bridge
Delta Electronics OIB-1 & OIB-3 Portable Impedance Bridge
Lighting Transformers
Austin Insulators E-Cap Series Isolation Lighting Transformer A-E01D
Austin Insulators Ring Type Isolation Transformers
Low & Medium Intensity Lights
Austin Insulators A-L864 Medium Intensity Red LED Flashing Beacon
Austin Insulators A-LIOL2 Low Intensity Obstruction Lights
Measuring & Test Equipment
Belar DC-4 Frequency Agile Down Converter
Delta Electronics Digital RF Ammeter Systems
Delta Electronics RF Ammeter Systems
Delta Electronics Toroidal Current Transformers
Kintronic Labs Voltage Sampling Units
Potomac Instruments PI-4100 Field Strength Meter
Modulation Alarms
Belar Sentry 16 Audio & Status Alarm System
Modulation Monitors AM
Belar AMMA-2 "The Wizard" Precision DSP Based AM Modulation Monitor/Analyzer
Belar AMM-3A AM Modulation Monitor
Belar AMM-4 AM Digital Frequency Monitor
Delta Electronics ASM-1 Modulation Monitor
Modulation Monitors FM
Belar FMCS-1 All-In-One FM Modulation Monitor
Belar FMM-2 FM Precision Modulation Monitor
Belar FMM-4A FM Frequency Monitor
Belar FMMA-1 The Wizard Precision FM Digital Modulation Monitor and Analyzer
Belar FMSA-1 FM Digital Stereo Modulation Monitor and Analyzer
Belar FMS-2 FM Precision Stereo Modulation Monitor
Belar SCMA-1 Precision Digital FM SCA Modulation Analyzer
Inovonics 531N FM Modulation Monitor
Monitoring & Control Equipment
Davicom AM/FM Broadcast Monitor
Davicom Digital Audio Detector Switcher
Davicom DV-208 and DV-216 Monitoring & Alarm Control System
Davicom DV-Micro FM Site Kit
Davicom DV-Micro Remote Control & Monitoring System
Davicom DV-Mini Remote Control And Monitoring System
Davicom MEXM-1 Expansion Unit
Davicom MEXM-2 Expansion Unit
Davicom Sensors and Accessories
Inovonics 635 INOmini FM/RDS SiteStreamer
Inovonics 650 AARON FM Rebroadcast Receiver
Potomac Instruments 1900 Series - Digital Antenna Monitors
Processing AM
Orban Optimod-AM 6300 Audio Processor
Orban Optimod-AM 9300 Audio Processor
Orban Optimod-AM 9400 Audio Processor
Orban Optimod 1101 PCI / 1101e PCIe Audio Processor
Processing DAB
Orban Optimod 1101 PCI / 1101e PCIe Audio Processor
Orban Optimod-DAB 6300 Audio Processor
Processing FM
Orban Optimod-FM 5500 Audio Processor
Orban-FM Optimod-FM 5518 Limiter
Orban-FM Optimod-FM 5700 Audio Processor
Orban-FM Optimod-FM 6300 Audio processor
Orban Optimod-FM 8500S Audio Processor
Orban Optimod - FM8600 Digital MPX Audio Processor
Orban Optimod-FM 8600S Audio Processor
Orban Optimod 1101 PCI / 1101e PCIe Audio Processor
Radio Capture Cards
PC-AM6-32 AM Radio Capture PCle Card (6 to 32 Channels)
PC-FM6-32 FM Radio Capture PCle Card (6 to 32 Channels)
PC-DAB1-4 Multi-Ensemble DAB+/DAB Radio Capture PCle Card
Receivers & Generators
Belar FMRR-4 Frequency Agile FM Rebroadcast Receiver
Delta Electronics RG-4 Receiver/Generator
Potomac Instruments 31D Frequency Synthesizer and Coherent Detector
RF Amplifiers
Belar RFA-2 AM RF Amplifier
Belar RFA-4 Frequency Agile FM RF Amplifier
RF Systems Hardware
Austin Insulators Base Insulator for Guyed Radio Towers and Masts
Austin Insulators Guy Insulator - Oil Filled Safety Core Series
Kintronic Labs Arc Gap
Kintronic Labs Chokes
Kintronic Labs Combiners
Kintronic Labs Contactors
Kintronic Labs Inductors
Kintronic Labs Isocouplers
Kintronic Labs J Plugs & Plug In Meter Handles
Kintronic Labs Standoff Insulators
Kintronic Labs Strap and Tubing
Sound Cards
PC-AUR44 Auricon 4.4 PCIe Analogue Sound Card
PC-DIG4 Digitorc 4, 4 Stereo AES-3 I/O PCIe Sound Card
Orban Opticodec-PC 1010PE Streaming Encoder
Orban Opticodec-PC 1020 File Encoder
Studio to Transmitter Links (STL)
Moseley Event 5800 High Capacity Bidirectional Studio Transmitter Link
Moseley Lanlink HS-900D LAN Extender/Data Link
Moseley Rincon Digital Audio Transporter
Moseley SL9003Q Digital Studio Transmitter Link System
Moseley SL9003T1 Digital Transmission System
Tieline Genie STL Stereo IP Audio Codec
Transmitters AM
Fordray AMT-50 50W AM Transmitter
Nautel J1000 - 1kW AM Transmitter
Nautel NX100 - 100kW AM Transmitter
Nautel NX25 - 25kW AM Transmitter
Nautel NX50 - 50kW AM Transmitter
Discontinued Nautel XR12 - 12kW AM Transmitter
Nautel XR3 - 3kW AM Transmitter
Nautel XR6 - 6kW AM Transmitter
Transmitters FM
Fordray FMT2 and FMT10 - 2W and 10W FM Transmitter
Fordray FMT25 - 25W FM Transmitter
Nautel GV Series 3.5 - 40kW FM Transmitters
Nautel NV10-10kW FM Transmitter
Nautel NV15 - 15kW FM Transmitter
Nautel NV20 - 20kW FM Transmitter
Nautel NV3.5 - 3.5kW FM Transmitter
Nautel NV40 - 40kW Transmitter
Nautel NV5 - 5kW FM Transmitter
Nautel NV7.5 - 7.5kW FM Transmitter
Nautel NVLT Series 3.5 - 40kW FM Transmitters
Nautel VS1 - 1kW FM Transmitter
Nautel VS2.5 - 2.5kW FM Transmitter
Nautel VS300 - 300W FM Transmitter
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