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Tieline i-Mix G3 is the worlds most advanced IP codec for radio and Television, combining six essential live remote broadcast products into one lightweight 16″ x 9″ box, replacing tens of thousands of dollars of expensive equipment.

Broadcasting with the i-Mix is like having an entire remote truck in a single box. Designed by radio and television sports broadcasting specialists, it is ideal for sports broadcasts, talk shows, music and other live events. It is a multi-faceted unit that can be used as a mixer, a commentary control unit and a codec. It integrates bi-directional audio and full-duplex communications with extensive remote control capabilities to reduce setup time, on-site personnel, wiring requirements and signal distribution costs.
Modular and Flexible

Tieline i-Mix IP codecs feature a LAN connection, one built-in POTS codec and an analog telephone coupler. You can increase your programming, mixing and communications options by using the codec module slot to send high quality, low-delay live audio over 3G/3.5G, a second POTS/PSTN analog phone line, ISDN, X.21, GSM or B-GAN satellite networks.

In comparison with the field unit Commander G3, the i-Mix has additional balanced inputs, an onboard PA control, dedicated Cue/Comms buttons for communications and a telephone coupler for managing live talkback callers.

i-mix G3
Why You Should Choose Tieline i-Mix Codecs…

Broadcasters over time will need to migrate to IP technology alternatives for remote broadcasts, audio distribution and STLs, as older synchronous networks such as ISDN are phased out.

Tieline G3 IP codecs are engineered to deliver rock solid and reliable audio over IP and wireless 3G/3.5G IP networks and they are also capable of connecting over POTS/PSTN, ISDN, X.21 and satellite networks. Therefore, with a Tieline G3 codec it is possible to take advantage of both new and old transports as telcos continue to transition into new IP-based technologies.

Many Tieline customers are already using G3 audio codecs over IP and 3GIP for broadcasting, audio contribution and STLs. IP can be used as the primary circuit for sending audio and you can use POTS or ISDN as a backup failover circuit or communications circuit. In this way your i-Mix IP codecs can truly grow with your needs and protect your investment as technology evolves.



  • Onboard POTS/PSTN and your choice of IP, 3G/3.5G, POTS/PSTN, ISDN, GSM, X.21 and B-GAN satellite using a plug-in module.
  • A suite of algorithms to suit all your live broadcasting requirements including Tieline’s famous Music, MusicPLUS and Voice G3 algorithms – as well as industry standards such as G.711, G.722 and MPEG Layer II.
  • Tieline’s loss-tolerant MusicPLUS algorithm provides up to 20 kHz stereo audio quality with 20ms coding delay at bit rates as low as 96kbps – making it ideal for today’s IP and 3G networks.
  • Tieline Music can deliver up to 15 kHz FM quality mono audio at bit-rates as low as 24kbps, with only 20 milliseconds encoding delay.
  • Tieline Voice G3 is optimized to deliver up to 7.5 kHz quality audio at bit-rates as low as 9.6 kbps.
  • A configurable 16 x 11 cross-point Digital Matrix Audio Router (DMR) for customizing your cue, intercom, talkback and audio routing and send any audio input to any audio output.
  • Comprehensive and configurable communications facility for local and full-duplex studio-to-remote communications.
  • Pre-configured and adjustable mono, stereo, mono/IFB and dual mono connection profiles.
  • A telephone coupler for taking live callers in the field.
  • On-board relay and RS-232 control system for local and remote control of equipment at either end of your codec link
  • Full control of a remote announcer’s audio input levels from the studio.
  • Free Tieline Toolbox PC software configuration and control software, offering configuration, audio routing and input control of your local and remote codec.
  • Automatic connection failover.

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications

Analogue Audio Specifications

Audio Inputs
5x Female XLR and 1 x RCA Aux

Audio Outputs
2x Male XLR and 1 x RCA Aux

4 x 6.5mm (1/4″) Jacks

A/D & D/A Converters

24 bit sigma-delta

POTS Sample Frequencies
16kHz, 32kHz

ISDN Sample Frequencies
16kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 48kHz

X.21/V.35 Sample Frequencies
16kHz, 24kHz, 32kHz, 48kHz

GSM Sample Frequencies
16kHz, 32kHz

IP Sample Frequencies
16kHz, 32kHz

3G Sample Frequencies
16kHz, 32kHz

Audio Input Impedance
High Impedance – > 5K ohm

Output Impedance
50 ohm Balanced

Clipping Level
+18dBu (input and outputs)

Frequency Response
20 Hz – 15kHz over POTS/GSM. 20Hz – 20kHz over ISDN. 20Hz – 23kHz over IP

Total Harmonic Distortion
<0.01% at +4dBu

Signal To Noise Ratio
Typically 84dB at +4dBu

Compression Algorithms

Tieline Music, MusicPLUS, Voice G3 and Uncompressed audio

G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2, MPEG, Tieline Music, Tieline Music Plus

Tieline Music & Tieline Voice G3

G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2, Tieline Music, Tieline MusicPLUS

Tieline Music, Tieline MusicPLUS & Tieline Voice G3

Tieline Music, Tieline MusicPLUS & Tieline Voice G3

Module Interfaces

Global dedicated 3G module featuring GSM/UMTS/HSDPA wireless networks.

USB master module accepts specific 3G cell phones to connect to wireless 3G IP services

IP – (Software module)
TCP/UDP, SIP, over LAN, WAN, open internet, WiFi, WiMax

Basic Rate S/T or U modules with up to 2 B channels supported per module with RJ45 interface

POTS/PSTN/Analogue Telephone
Onboard POTS RJ11 connection or POTS Modem module with RJ11 connector

HSCSD 14,400 to 28,800bps and CSD 9600bps (requires SIM card)

DB15 male connector. Up to 384KBits/S Compressed, up to 2 MB Uncompressed

External BGAN or Inmarsat Satellite phone can be connected to the ISDN module or IP LAN port

Data and Control Interfaces

USB Slave
USB-1.1 slave

USB – Master (optional)
USB 1.1 Master

10/100 base T RJ45 connector

RS232 up to 115kbps with or without CTS/RTS flow control Female DB9 Connector

Data interface port can be used as a proprietary data channel

Differential CAN, 6 pin female DIN connector

Panel Controls

20 Key

4 x 20 line LCD

Level Indicators
2 x 10 level LEDs with configurable source

Channel On/Off
Volume controlled and matrix router configurable

Matrix router configurable

Headphone Monitoring
Volume controlled for each channel

Send Return Mix
Switch between audio send/return or a mix of both

GPIO Relay Controls

2 x Inputs: Contact Closure to ground with internal 5v feed at 5mA 0.15″ pitch male pheonix connectors. (12V power connector has two relay inputs for power sensing one independent and 1 duplicated with phoenix connector)

2x Outputs: floating solid state switching 48V 100mA

Relay Expansion
Expandable to 8 in and 8 out using optional CAN 8+8 product.


Operating Temperature
5°C to 45°C (40°F to 115°F)

12V DC, 1A (without plugin modules) 4 PIN XLR male connector

385 x 210 x 215mm or 3 x 15.2 x 8.5 inches

2kg or 4.4Ibs

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