Power AIM 150 – RF Circuit and Antenna Analyzer


The PowerAIM 150 Vector Impedance Analyzer with patented, unique technology offers the broadcast engineer the full capabilities of a single port network analyzer in a small, lightweight, software-driven instrument that is easy to carry on airlines and in the field. It is very simple to set up and use. The Power AIM 150 is accurate even at tens of thousands of ohms of impedance.  All impedance parameters are measured and calculated. The software for the PowerAIM 150 is loaded on a laptop computer or a Windows tablet for more portability, which is coupled to the instrument via a RS-232 cable or using a standard USB to RS-232 adapter.

The PowerAIM is particularly beneficial to broadcast engineers involved in the adjustment and final commissioning of AM HD radio transmission systems.  The instrument is calibrated in a similar manner to a network analyzer – utilizing an open, short and 50-ohm or other resistance load.  The start and stop frequencies have to be specified to define the frequency scan range.


  • Greater immunity to interference.
  • Higher output drive signal.
  • Multiple input ranges for improved accuracy.
  • Temperature compensation.
  • Measurement range up to 150MHz.
  • Better performance and lower cost than the PowerAIM-120.


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